Hajra Maqsood
Gulshan Campus

Name Designation Latest Education Experience
Dr. Muhammad Imtiaz Subhani Professor PhD in Finance 21 Years
Dr. Fakhar Shahzad Associate Professor PhD in Management Science and Engineering 14 Years
Dr. Raja Rehan Associate Professor PhD in Finance 16 Years
Dr. Abdul Basit Assistant Professor PhD in Business 05 Years
Dr. Shumaila Meer Assistant Professor PhD in Finance 09 Years
Dr. Shafique ur Rehman Assistant Professor PhD in Accounting 10 Years
Haris Masood Lecturer MS in Finance 11 Years
Muhammad Kaleem Khan Lecturer M.Phil in Finance 8 Years
Muhammad Faseeh Ullah Khan Lecturer MS in Economics & Finance 22 Years
Ayesha Aziz Lecturer MBA in HRM 06 Years
Abdul Rahman Khan Lecturer MBA in Marketing and Supply Chain Management 01 Year
Rashid Ali Lecturer MS in Marketing 12 Years
Qazi Zuhair Lecturer MBA in Supply Chain Management 5 Years
Syed Arif Ali Shah Lecturer MBA in HRM 2 Years
Syeda Sadaf Seraj Lecturer MS in Human Resource Management 18 Years
Sana Kashif Lecturer MS in Economics & Finance 05 Years
Farooque Ahmed Memon Lecturer MBA in Marketing 04 Years
Hajra Maqsood Lecturer MBA in HRM 03 Years
Syed Muhammad Haris Hayat Lecturer MBA in Marketing 5 Years
Muhammad Faizan Khan Lecturer MBA in HRM 5 Years
Muddassir Sayeed Siddiqui Lecturer MS in Finance 15 Years
Shahan Qamar Lecturer MBA in Marketing 07 Years
Muhammad Shamshad Lecturer MBA in Marketing 13 Years
Abdul Hadi Lecturer MBA in Marketing 2 Years
Sheikh Shahrose Uddin Danish Lecturer MBA in Finance 3 Years
Maria Masood Lecturer MBA in Business Administration 3 Years